Stanley's Stellar Rise: How Targeting Millennial Moms Catapulted Sales from Cool to Iconic

Jan 12, 2024

Totally getting why your customers are your jam is like, Marketing 101 gold. But hey, we're all guilty of kinda forgetting about them when we're in the thick of our marketing groove. Let's throw it back to 2023, the year when the Stanley Tumbler was the absolute must-have. Remember the Yeti, Hydroflask, Takeya, Camelback hype in the years before? So, why did Stanley totally crush it out of nowhere?

Stanley's been doing its thing for over a century, always vibing with the blue-collar crowd. But the game changed when they teamed up with The Buy Guide. The big brain move? Focusing on restocking their Quencher H2.0 Flowstate 40 oz Tumbler, but with a twist – targeting it specifically at moms. And guess what? This pivot boosted Stanley's sales from $73M in 2019 to a whopping $750M in 2023.

The buzz really kicked off when a mom's car caught fire, and her Stanley tumbler survived – ice still inside! Talk about nailing functionality and cool factor.

So, why is this a big deal? Terrance Riley, one of the execs, noticed something super interesting: Millennial Moms, now parenting Gen Z kids, are all about setting trends on their feeds. They're digging this stylish, functional water bottle that's not just a hydration tool but also a fab accessory for their busy lives. It's a smart move for Stanley to target them, 'cause if Mom's on board, the whole fam follows. It's not just a product switch; it's a lifestyle change, a trend that's pushing Stanley into a whole new market.

Here's the takeaway: Customers are your secret sauce for sales. And even now, we're sometimes missing this point. As our world keeps evolving, so should our brands and marketing tactics. The old ways might not cut it with your audience anymore. Your peeps are growing up with your brand, so it's time to realign that north star and keep up with the times.



Image source: Stanley Brand Instagram