The Why behind it all…

Creatives are what you see first on any ad

Creative is key when you are launching any brand on Facebook, Tik Tok, Pinterest or Youtube. The biggest issue is finding a solid team and creative partner who understands direct response creative design.

Meet Lauren Schwartz, a designer from Southern California who has worked within the eCommerce industry for over 15 years. Through her creative experience she has become a thought leader in creating profitable creative strategies and creatives for top eCommerce brands.


"I decided to ditch the agency life and create a space
where only creativity was the focus.
I wanted our clients to know that we are your creative partner and
we are here to help you grow."

Lauren Schwartz | Founder The Loft 325

Meet The Team

I can't do this alone anymore. I've hand selected the people I want to represent myself and my brand. These people are what makes The Loft 325 so successful

Giovanna jimenez
Tomas Oneto
Nadia gonzalez
John Jacinto

We are dedicated to helping your
brand grow with Strategy, Design and Iteration.