With over fifteen years of experience working as a designer and 8 year as an ad creative strategist, I have become an expert in executing profitable paid creative social strategies for e-commerce brands. In 2018 whilst working in leadership at one of the largest digital advertising agencies, I trained and managed a team of creative experts and copywriters. I led the creative strategy for over 30 ad accounts and oversaw $10 million in Facebook, Snapchat, and Google ad spend at a profitable return. During my two year tenure at the agency, I came to realize that the agency model was broken and that I could provide much more value to brands working independently as a consultant.

In September of 2020, I made the leap to leave the agency and started offering my creative design services on a freelance basis as The Loft 325. I now service a handful of top e-commerce brands including Peel, Outer, Our Place, and Feat to execute their creative design and creative strategy for their paid social campaigns. Not only do I provide creative management, but I’ve also partnered with one of the top paid media buyers, The Social Savannah to provide paid strategy for our clients.